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Memorial created 04-28-2008 by
Charity Romero
Paige-Max Rose Romero
November 19 2002 - July 12 2007

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08-28-2010 12:17 PM -- By: Auntie Chelsa,  From: Syracuse, NY  

Hi baby, Thank you for sending me the Lady Bug the other day, I really needed it and of course you knew, so you sent it to me to lift my spirits! It did!!! I Love You My little bug!!! Auntie misses you so very much!! Give my Nigol some lovings for me and give Grandmas hugs!! xoxo Auntie C

07-16-2010 2:15 PM -- By: Sylvia Chavez,  From:  

Dear Paigie,

You are missed so much, but  you live on in our hearts and our happy memories of you and your little ways that made us laugh.


07-14-2010 2:44 AM -- By: Auntie Chelsa,  From: Syracuse  

hi baby I miss u so, it doesn't get an easier not having you near... I still hurt and cry the same each year!! knowing ur happy and your visits have have given me strength, but I'll miss u my little Paige-Bug till we meet again!! I love you my heta!!!!!

07-12-2010 7:51 PM -- By: Paige,  From: Denver, CO  

Hi Paige, my name is Paige too! :-)

You are a very pretty girl and your family has written a very beautiful memorial for you. May peace be with you!

07-12-2010 3:22 PM -- By: Nora, Livi and Dave,  From: Santa Fe  

Hi Paige,

We never got to meet you Paige-bug, but I get to hear all the wonderful stories about you from your Mom!  there are some pretty funny ones - you are quite the character little lady!  The first time my daughter really knew what a lady bug was, we sat her on her arm and she just sat there...I thought of you the whole time and shared this with your mom!  Many kisses little lady bug!

07-12-2010 8:20 AM -- By: Myra,  From:  

May many special blessings come your way today in honor of  Special Angel Paige-Max


07-11-2010 8:29 PM -- By: Carrie,  From: Burton  

You're still in my dreams angel girl! 

Love and Hugs, Nanny Carrie

07-02-2010 9:27 PM -- By: Gramma Wendy,  From: Syracuse, NY  

Hi Paiger gramma is still missing her littlest girl.  Know you know how often I think of you.





06-22-2010 12:55 AM -- By: Angela, Klarissa, & Dominique,  From: Santa Fe  

Thoughts of you are in our minds LOVE and MISS YOU PAIGE XOXOXO....

06-03-2010 2:02 AM -- By: Berlinda,  From: Santa Fe  

Beautiful tribute to Paige.  So sorry for your loss.

06-01-2010 12:04 AM -- By: Susan Seigle,  From: Yakima Washington  

What a beautiful child she was, I remember the day we first met her at  Grandads 80th Birthday in Albany.. She was a joy!!   I had no idea this sight was here, I wish someone would have  told us sooner, thank you for creating it!!!  I will visit it often....



03-29-2010 10:35 PM -- By: Angela,Klarissa,Dominique,  From: Santa Fe  

Hi there Paige We all MISS YOU SOOO MUCH and LOVE U

12-25-2009 10:57 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Paige was a cute litte one and so lucky to have such a loving big sister.    All the pictures show such a close bond that is so special.  She was a special little girl and I'm so happy she had the love and support she needed.   Thanks for sharing Paige's life.

11-19-2009 7:54 PM -- By: Mary Anne ,  From: Syracuse, NY  

I love your seventh birthday poem, Paige.  Happy Birthday!

Grandpa Gary and I send you hugs and kisses and think of you today and always!  We miss you and love you!

11-19-2009 5:31 PM -- By: Mahogany Mathews,  From: Syracuse, NY  

The family the belonged to Paige will remain the same for ever and beyond i even brought my lady bug to school with me today just to remind me of her all my teachers accepted the reason why i brought it when i was in spanish class i befor i could tell me teacher why i brought it i started to cry and i tried to stop but i just couldn't my teacher asked me if i need to take a walk but i didnt want to so i just sat in the hallway for 5 minutes. in that 5 minutes i thought of all of the happy sad and funny times alex paige and i have had i dont think that any of us will ever change. love mahogany

11-19-2009 3:18 PM -- By: Auntie Chelsa,  From: Syracuse  

Happy 7th Birthday mi amor!!!! I am missing you like crazy and hope you go and visit your momom sissy and daddy real soon! I love you

11-19-2009 1:05 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Hello beautiful Angel Paige, Just wanted to stop in and say Happy Birthday in Paradise sweet heart and let your Mom know I was thinking of you. Reading your life story touched me in a special place and you are never far from my heart. Happy Birthday Sweetheart


11-19-2009 12:43 PM -- By: KathleenEdsMom,  From: White Lake, MI  

 Stopping by to say hello!! Sweet little angel Paige-Bug, I know you are big up there in heaven! My Edward told me so! How amazing that we are still able to communicate with you since God called you home. I love that sweet face of yours and I look at it every single day, all day long!! I have it right next to my angel Edward's pictures.....Happy 7TH Earth Birthday!! Never forgotten and loved more each day!!


11-19-2009 11:20 AM -- By: Charity Romero,  From: Paige's Mommom  

Missing You my Sweet Girl! Happy 7th Birthday!



Your Mommom

11-12-2009 3:34 PM -- By: Auntie Chelsa,  From: Syracuse,NY  

HI sweet girl, I was just thinking about you and thought I'd leave you some love on your special site. I know your Birthday is coming up and was hoping you'd drop by and give your mom, dad, and sissy a visit! I know they would love that alot!! Oh, and drop by to see me anytime!! I miss you sooo much and love you all the time!!!

love Auntie

10-14-2009 11:39 AM -- By: kalee powell,  From: santa rosa, ca  

i had a niece Paige, and then she transitioned to be a male, at age 19 or 20.  this was so traumatic for her/him and family, and his drug use began.  we almost lost him 3x to suicide/overdoses, but after that, we began to show deeper support for his being, whatever gender.  He is now doing quite well, is clean and sober, spiritually at peace, and wants to be a hairdresser! 

Thank you for sharing sweet Paige's presence with us,


10-02-2009 1:45 PM -- By: Gramma Wendy,  From: Syracuse NY  

Hey little girl thinking of you alot Bought some of your favorite flowers today. Always remembering  and loving you.

07-28-2009 7:06 PM -- By: SHARON,  From: SANTA FE  


07-24-2009 6:28 AM -- By: Fanny Beuchat,  From: Switzerland  

Dear little Angel of love, your photos show how much you're loved. Have fun with other angels around you. Love

07-16-2009 2:59 PM -- By: Claudia (Mike's mom),  From: King City, Oregon  

Dear Charity~I've been out of town or I would have replied to your message sooner.  You wrote me a message in June on my son's (Mike's) memorial webpage.  It was around his memorial anniversary time.   I'm sorry that I missed the date of Paige's.  I just visited her site now though, finally catching up on e-mails, and I can feel your love for her and feel her gentle spirit there too.  Thanks again for touching my heart too.  Claudia  (Mike's mom)

07-13-2009 8:47 PM -- By: mireya vega,  From: chihuahua.mexico  

07-13-2009 2:41 PM -- By: Ione,  From: Santa Fe  

God bless you and love you sweet Paige.  xoxo


07-12-2009 10:58 PM -- By: Angela and Girls,  From: Santa Fe  

Hey there Paige We Miss You Soo Much Dominique talks about you all the time we miss your little laugh and your beautiful smile.

07-12-2009 11:39 AM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Many Blessings as you remember Paige-Max today and everyday


07-12-2009 4:21 AM -- By: renee,  From:  

angel day blessings to you...



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