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Memorial created 04-28-2008 by
Charity Romero
Paige-Max Rose Romero
November 19 2002 - July 12 2007

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07-10-2009 11:46 PM -- By: Gramma Wendy,  From: Syracuse, New York  

Hi pager,

I am still missing and  loving you..I am looking at the sign I have been working on. You  Know the one "Paige's house" and you knew exactly where that was because you were safe there with Mom-mom, daddy, Sissy and do-do are. We are all thinking of you and hoping to here you play the piano ,turn on the lights, smell your flowers or touch them. We always love to here from you anyway we can.Your candles are  lit Baloons being readied to release straight to you.


07-10-2009 11:45 PM -- By: ,  From:  

good night sweet girl, see you in my dreams! xo


07-10-2009 8:57 PM -- By: Jorge,  From: syracuse  

Paige, I dont know why god decided to take you away from us soo early, Im guessing that god was in short supply on angels for that day, so he called upon you. we miss you terribly and I know that you miss your familly too. life has been hard since you left us, but somehow we try to continue pushing forward knowing that one these days we will see you again. I get really sad when I see your pictures I cant bare the sadness, it hurts bad knowing that your gone. I miss you my Little Love Bug

07-10-2009 7:36 PM -- By: Luanna,  From: Cali/Santa Fe  

What a darling face.  Truely a little angel.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  You are missed. 

07-10-2009 3:27 PM -- By: Auntie chelsa,  From: Syracuse  

Hi sweetheart it's just auntie chelsa thinking of you and missing you soo much! Today we lost you 2 years ago at 1:10pm. Oh how it feels like yesterday its hurts so much. I can't wait till I see you again, to hold you and never let go, to make up for the times I wasn't there. I love you sweet paige-bug! Today is your 2nd Angelverary and I have lit you candles and will set off balloons each day for the next three days in remembrance of you... my paigey poo! love you, Auntie  xoxo

07-10-2009 12:00 PM -- By: Nicole,  From: Santa Fe, NM  

As a mother, a sister and an aunt my heart breaks for your family. I know the joy a little one one can bring to a family, and each child has a unique personality that cannot be replaced. Paige was truly a gift from God, to your family. How amazing that he chose each one of you to surround such a special girl with your love. He knew how much you would give to her, he knew that no one else could provide what you could. You must have a very special family.

Paige has touched my life in these brief moments, and will continue to remind me to hug my children, to tell them I love them, and appreciate my family every day that I am with them. Thank you Paige and The Romero family for your bright eyes and obvious love... every moment of your lives have been a  contribution to our world and I thank God for such Beauty in such a tumultous world.

07-05-2009 8:17 PM -- By: Kathleen,  From: White Lake, MI  

 I have been thinking about you Little Paige-Bug!!! I always do!! I dream of what you might be doing up there......Having lots of fun in Heaven? I know I never met you when you were here, but I feel like I know you anyway!! I must see you in my dreams.......Such beautiful dreams they are!   We all love you Paig-Bug...And I know your MomMom loves you more and more every day! And I love her too!! She is the very best!!

Don't forget to give me a shove when I need to call your MomMom on the phone!!   


06-01-2009 5:13 AM -- By: Eva,  From: Haylee Mazzella's lil friend  

God bless you sweet love!

05-25-2009 10:54 AM -- By: Auntie chelsa,  From: NY  

Hi baby, Boy, am I missing you like crazy! I just can't understand why it was your time to go! I would have gladly took your place if it only meant you'd get to stay! I was hoping you could do auntie a favor, I know it sounds silly, but if you could tell my baby to be that its time to come to me, it would mean so much! Oh and don't forget to tell my nigol I love and miss him too!

Thank you my love bug!

Auntie Chelsa

love you

05-23-2009 2:13 AM -- By: Connie,  From: Ky.  

What a beautiful child! God bless the loved ones she left behind. You are in my prayers.

05-15-2009 12:54 PM -- By: The Masker Family,  From: New York  

Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. She is a beautiful angel . You were truely Blessed. God Bless you all.    Love "Aunt" Donna and family xoxo

05-12-2009 9:49 PM -- By: daddy,  From: home  


05-07-2009 10:55 AM -- By: sissy,  From: santa fe  

paige i miss you so much and ill always remember you!


you were the best little sister in the whole entire world! and you still are

youll always be my best friend and little sister!

love you with all my heart  your big sister

04-24-2009 11:31 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 'Paiger" Gramma Wendy has been missing you and her mom, your mom -mom is doing good in school although she has   her many momentys missing you too. Why not check out you corner ? play the piano ! play with the lights or just touch your flowers and say hello...I miss you terribly.

04-16-2009 12:38 PM -- By: Auntie Chelsa,  From: Syracuse, NY  

Hi Baby, It has been awhile since I visited your sight, even though that's true I think of you daily and miss you sooo much!!! I was hoping you were there with my baby to be if there is one and tell her or him its time to come meet me! I hope you and Nigol are having fun and keeping eachother company! Auntie loves you and await to see you face to face so i can hug you tight!  Until then... LOVE YOU


04-10-2009 11:50 PM -- By: Gramma Wendy,  From: Syracuse, NY  

I am still missing you little girl but sometimes I can still feel you nuzzling my chest...I miss you so...you know I talk to you all the time .our time was too short but it was amazing.I know gramma Maryking is looking after  you and that Grampa Max is Chasing you.

04-08-2009 6:22 PM -- By: aggie,  From: god bless  

03-03-2009 11:20 AM -- By: Kathleen EdsMom Harrington,  From: White Lake, MI  

Oops! Forgot to click! This is my angel,

Edward J. Harrington

1-6-89 ~ 1-13-07

03-03-2009 11:18 AM -- By: KathleenEdsMom,  From: White Lake, MI  

Hello Queen Paige,

Mom-mom told me that you were a Queen, not a Princess....And she was right.

I wish that I could have known you before you went back to spirit. I just love your mom and I know that you are with my Edward in heaven. And I know it was you who shoved my shoulder to get up and call your mom a while back! I could feel your little fingers on my shoulder, I knew they were not Edwards---way too small---and just as I was thinking "I have to get up and call Chairity," you shoved me to do so!! Please, do that again, whenever you want to because I love it!!! I hope that Edward took you to meet his Grampa and Grama....They're lots of fun!

I think about you all the time and have your picture right next to Edwards' in my room. Actually, I have tons of your pictures!!

Peace and love sweet angel......Till we meet I will have you in my heart.

Kathleen "EdsMom" Harrington

01-15-2009 9:02 PM -- By: Jamie Olsen,  From: Rockland, MA  

 Hi - just wanted to let you all know I'm thinking of you & Paige-Max. Take care:)

12-31-2008 1:31 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Your daughter is beautiful. She is truly an angel now. I know about the visits as our son has had a few himself. he is with me all the time. May you find peace and comfort in your precious angel's memories 

12-21-2008 8:30 PM -- By: Laura,  From: Pennsylvania  

Your memorial for Paige is beautiful..my prayers are with you..My Angel David has also shown me signs that he is still here with me..it helps so much to know that their are other mom's that feel as I do... Kathleen was the one who told me to look at your angel Paige's memorial...Peace be with you...Happy holidays to you and your family

Laura and Angel David

12-20-2008 4:00 PM -- By: elizabeth,  From: north carolina  

sorry for the loss of your child.she is a beautiful little girl

12-12-2008 8:24 AM -- By: Jason's Mom - Donita,  From: Waddell, AZ  

Charity, Alex and Angel Paige...I wanted to let you know that you have done a wonderful job honoring the life of Paige.  What an adorable little girl.  You are so blessed to have had her here on earth and to have her as your angel now.  The pain of the loss will always be present, but I hope you can find some comfort in the happy memories that come to mind when you think of sweet Paige.  (((((HUGS)))) to you and your family - Donita

11-30-2008 2:19 AM -- By: CATHERINE MTZ,  From: SF,NM  

11-19-2008 10:13 PM -- By: Gramma Wendy,  From: Syracuse,NY  

Hi little girl,

I wrote you this poem as it is your 6th birthday and we miss you so much still!

Your Mom-Mom misses you , your Daddy too.

And your sister still can't believe it is true

You are on the other side with grandmas'and grandpas loving you

you wold be 6 if you were here, well I guess YOU are6 other there.

As Christoher Robbins said " And now I am 6 and clever as clever

I think I'll stay 6 forever and ever Our tears keep on coming from deep down inside because our broken hearts we can not hide . Soon we will see you again my little Girl friend

Love you Paiger Always

11-19-2008 8:26 PM -- By: Savvy,  From: delaware  


11-19-2008 8:24 PM -- By: Savvy,  From: Deleware  

I love you paige, i always will, you will always be in my heart.......

alex, gene, and charity....... i love you guys so much yoiu are my second family!!!!!!! i don't know what i would do with out any of you!!!!!!



11-19-2008 8:12 PM -- By: Kelly,  From:  

Happy Birthday and God Bless

11-19-2008 7:07 PM -- By: Juli, Nick and Sav,  From: Dover, DE  

Happy Birthday, Paige-Bug. We all miss you so much. Savvy wore ladybug colors to school for you today. I know you're watching over your family today. Keep them close to you, baby.


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