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Memorial created 04-28-2008 by
Charity Romero
Paige-Max Rose Romero
November 19 2002 - July 12 2007


 She came into our lives

She touched all of our hearts

She made us love her for her

Everything we said she understood

She accepted us for us

Everything around her there was something to do

With a tap of her stick or

Admiring herself in the mirror

Everyday she had a smile on her face that

no matter what mood you were in

brightened up our day

I'd like to remember everytime I got mad at her

for coming into my room.

She would sneak in and have her devious laugh


and a smile

We'll miss you and love from the bottom of our hearts

Always and Forever

By: Alex Romero (Paige's Big Sis)



They Called

She Screamed

I Cried

I Knew What She Was Going To Say

We Waited

We Prayed

Thought Everything Would Be OK

But It Wasn't

We Waited

Said Our Goodbye's and I love You's

We Flyed

Didn't Work

We Got There

Couldn't See, Crying So hard

Held Her Hand

Said I LOVE YOU with all of my Heart

Gave Her a Kiss

They Took Me Outside

I Went Back In, They Took Her Off

We Cryed

Didn't Know What To Do

Went To The Hotel

Got Her Pillow

Layed Down

And Passed Out


Written By ALEX ROMERO (Big Sis)



She never knew if she hurt you,

Never even meant to!

When you cried,

She made you feel better!

When you were in trouble she'd get into it also!

Everything you did she accepted!



She touched everything that she could!

Never will we forget that!

By: Alex Romero (Paige Bug's Sis)


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