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Memorial created 04-28-2008 by
Charity Romero
Paige-Max Rose Romero
November 19 2002 - July 12 2007


This special child had come to be

Part of our life, our Family

So much was said without a word,

Her joy and love was gently heard.

Clapping her hands, a smile, a hug

And the bewithching song of the Ladybug,

Were methods she used to relay her intent.

We enjoyed these messages all with content.

She gave her all, she twirled and tapped.

Was this enough to keep us enrapt?

We wanted more than she could give

Our need was deep her life short lived.

Yet when she left we were not there,

Our lives were scattered with individual cares.

With shock and remorse we gathered amongst us

To grieve and sort the loss that confront us.

The investigation is now complete,

No harm was present, from head to feet.

Fault was not given, there was no crime,

She just went to sleep, it was her time.

But this does not comfort, nor does it explain

The feeling of sadness that still does remain.

With guilt and pain of loss profound

We search our Souls to hear the sound,

of the sweet and rambling melody

the Ladybug would sing to me.

Love Auntie Bethie







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