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Charity Romero
Paige-Max Rose Romero
November 19 2002 - July 12 2007

Paige-Max Rose Romero
This summer I went to Delaware to help one of my best friends move. Every night that I was there I cried so much because I wanted to be with my sister. I missed her so much because I wanted to be with my sister. I missed her so much. I talked to her on the phone every night and always needed a picture of her to comfort me. I got to new York and I was having lots of fun, a week later my mom joined us. Days after her arrival we got the worst call ever “Paige was at the baby sitters and she stopped breathing” my mom screamed “WHATTTT!!!!” and I started crying because I new something bad had happened and after about ten minutes of my mom and dad talking on the phone my mom told me “ your sister fell asleep and hasn’t woken up” thirty minutes later she told me that my sister was on a plain to Albuquerque . When she had gotten there they got her heart beat back, I thought “she” was going to live. The entire time we were trying to get a flight out to see her. But they didn’t have any tickets till the next day. I didn’t want to go any where that day because I wanted to hear all the news. My uncle came and I fell asleep on his cheats. We got a call the next day that my baby sisters kidneys were failing. I was told the worst news: my baby sister wasn’t going to make it. I am hitting everything and crying so hard I could not stand up. Everyone told me to be strong for my mom. I tried really hard but I couldn’t. they took me to the doctors for some pills to calm me down. They held up all the appointments for me. The doctor was trying to talk to me. Every one in the building heard me screaming and crying. When I got home I was able to tell me baby sister I love her with all of my heart. On the plain I acted like a baby, I was coloring in coloring books. At the hospital we ran into see her . My cousin wasn’t allowed into the room until I saw my sister. Everything that happened at the hospital was the worst. One memory still comes into my head every single day. I wont say what I saw or what happened. My grandma took me outside and they removed my sister from life support. I wasn’t there I was calming down. Looking up at the stars. My parents got a lock of her hair and put it in a locket for me. I never take it off. It has been 3 months since my sister died people can not understand the way me and my family feel. She was the most important person to us. They all think its going to blow over. It hasn’t and it probably wont. Even though my sister comes around to show us she is okay, we still miss her so much. Time and time again we experience the worst days ever because she is not there. If you had known her you would have loved her on the first day with her grin as big as her ears and the way she screamed babbled and even the way she ate you would have understood everything…………………
Her birthday is coming up on the 19th of November.
Ever since she passed it has been way harder on the family. My mom lost so much weight and she doesn’t think so at all. My dad well I don’t know, we hang a lot more than we used to. And last me. I’ve gained weight and I don’t remember a lot and I don’t really understand what people tell me. A lot of things have changed at our house just not my sisters room. I have many of her things in my room. I have so many pictures, poster sized ones and small ones… my favorite is the poster sized one. It will just make you laugh if you saw it.
One of my fondest memories of my sister. Before I left on vacation I was giving her a bath. She still couldn’t be left alone in water. And I was wearing my capshaw p.e. shirt. Well my sister decided she wanted to pull me into the bath tub I was okay with that. She started putting her ear to my face and I knew what that meant she wanted me to make the kissing noise in her ear. Well then I was the only one that could ever get her to give me a kiss. Well she give me a big kiss and I was laughing at her because she was laughing.
Another very nice one I have had was when I fell asleep my sister tricked my mom to believe that she was asleep but we all knew she was not well my mom went to sleep and at 10 o’clock in the morning my sister decided to come into my room. Well she kept me up till 2o’clock in the morning and well we watched TV. the whole time we were up. And when my mom got up I the morning she got so scared because she could not find my sister. Well she came into my room and saw my sister in my arms. Well I didn’t go to school that day I stayed home with Paige and we watched more TV. as I was chasing her around the house. That is how much my sister has and still does mean to me me. I love her more than anything still. And I know that she knows that. Well that’s most of the story that had happened that day at the hospital. It was very hard and it had to be the worst day that I could ever have of my life.



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